Short Description / Visuals / Sound / Video Documentation

For the performance

There is no explanation for this performance. It is about our perception in trouble, how it is somehow missed and ignored. That is all we can say about the 1st part of the performance. We are now trying to write this short description, a better explanation as to why we would like to perform before we realize the project. Our interest lies in creating something uncanny, as it were, observing the unconscious moment that we experienced. It focuses on the concept of displacement. Abstract phenomena are disoriented from a narrative of identification or judgment.

I present fragments from our daily lives and leave it to the audience to decipher. Sound and visuals augment the ambience to project their own histories and events that will add to our personal interpretation onto the space where the performance will occur in real time – the present.

But this new narrative was collected, selected, determined, defined, transformed, interpreted, designed by us and defies analysis – whether it is true or not – because it is not telling us about the phenomenon itself but rather considering the perception between nature and human senses. So it might be said that the performer and audience look at a puzzle of precognitive senses and seek out this very fragmented situation of indefinite time. Eventually the conjecture and interpretation become part of the piece. In the place of performance there is an experience of disorientation and disconcertment, which means it is in the present; we cannot help delaying judgment by our common sense or logic.