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Infographics represents a phase of narrative identification from information disoriented in time and place; one could say we live in an age of rootless, alienated people. Our experiences of global change and strange weather symbolize traces and deconstructed perspectives. Watching daily events has left something for the casual observer, but as an impartial observer the analysis of the raining animal phenomenon is supposed to be objective. Searching every nook and cranny of information, visual image, and sound project their own history and particular event that imply a personal interpretation of a new narrative. What is collected, selected, determined, redefined, and designed defies an analysis whether it is true or not. This refers to the dynamic database-driven maps; a panoramic view of a double-layered image surveyed by the viewer and complex representation of old maps and satellite image related to geography is another extension of view. The contents are changing and rearranging the viewer’s opinion. All fragmental elements as chronicle events are resorted on the timeline of preloading images. It collapses into one frame, but the frame involves multi-layers, which means a mixing of different times and events.

Timeline time, and event based visualization dedicated to touching text and image. A mouse as a tool is an extension of our fingers. Why shouldn’t we read with fingers like the blind? We touch text and image much in the same way, but in reverse as we grope, and then reach to figure out the uncertainty. If we don’t sweep over them with the mouse, then we do not see anything. When we fumble blindly in this darkness, in the unknown, we can retrace the text and feel about for the image that we are searching for.

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