Some Ideas / Conception / Message as a Warning

Raining Animals, under the same theme of Anonymous Reports Trilogy, gives us a continuous motivation for our work. Anonymous Reports is not a definitely defined title for this project, but it could be a subject that shows us uncertain perceptions, directions, cognitions, notions, and phenomena related to the two previous projects. So, the project Raining Animals will be a part of this subject; we have found and researched unexplainable phenomena through media – library, web, and broadcast, certainly, also through our daily life that we have carefully monitored until today. The unknown world elsewhere…

This project emphasizes the global dimension of weather forecasts and these reports seem to be quite reliable, carefully selected, and analyzed at a personal level of experience. It came from our daily experience of nature and our anxiety about unproven information in social networking. What strikes close to us is not fully explainable. Even though we could not possibly represent this with visuals or different sound effects, we would rather try to create an invisible library that takes on a different form as a visible and tangible way involving these categories: book, website, interaction art, information design, research project, performance, space design, sound design, and movie. All sources are based on research and references; meteorology and mythology, reports on climate crisis, weather forecasts, news, articles, magazines, storytelling, time, and events of strange weather phenomenon including our memory and individual belief system, which might be under the control of surveillance system in contemporary society.

The contents are not only referential but also reinterpretable, which offers us anonymous numerical data of dispersed information. It implies a direction of thinking how we have to conceive this situation. We would like to transfer a message as a warning into the hypertext form, which contains sound, visuals, and interaction process – as it were, multimedia work itself.