networking based cross-cultural co-accidental event

RAINING as actual event, ANIMALS as being

About the collective RACS

Raining Animals Weather Cast
it's raining animals!

The performance and research project emphasizes the global dimension of weather forecasts. It came from our daily experience of nature and our anxiety about unproven information in social networking. All sources are based on research and references; meteorology and mythology, reports on climate crisis, news, time, and events of strange weather phenomenon including our memory and individual belief system, which might be under the control of surveillance system in contemporary society. The contents are not only referential but also re-interpretable, which offers us anonymous numerical data of dispersed information. . .

ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM i.e. All Things in Crates
collective assemblage and variable utterance

삼라만상(森羅萬像) - En. All things in nature. See all images here

Rhizome movie is a becoming
becoming-animal in Art, Science and Fiction

Visual interpretation on Deleuze and Guattari's philosophy surveys the fragile structure on the FARM

towards a newer parody

About the project FARM

Le Retour du COCHON (The Return of the Pig)
a variable screenplay

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01-03. December 2009
Opening 01. December 2009, 6PM
Kubus, HfG Karlsruhe
Opening Session & Sound : Lorenz Schwarz & Tom Förderer

Some other related video documentation.
Project FARM
Screenplay Le Retour du COCHON